A Profile of Changing Risk in the Building & Construction Industry – Part 1

Since mid – 2020, we have witnessed a period of rapid growth in domestic construction activity in Australia. This rapid growth caused significant supply and demand issues within the Australian building & construction economy. The industry experienced substantial price increases, shortages in critical building materials, cost blowouts, labour shortages and, in many cases, a doubling of construction time frames.

The Australian economy is now being impacted by rapid increases in official interest rates which have been employed to ease inflationary pressures. We explore the questions; “Will these pressures lead to a further increase in business failures?” Now more than ever suppliers and sub-contractors need to understand the potential impact of these pressures. This topic will be explored from a number of different perspectives, insurance, court actions, insolvency trends and payment trends.

Please join Renee Dobson and Maria Tisdell from NCI and Patrick Schweizer from Alares, as they explore these questions and more.

The presentation will cover:

  • What factors have been at play over the last two years?
  • What factors are at play now?
  • How have insurance claim statistics been trending?
  • How have court actions been trending?
  • How have payment times been trending?
  • What could trigger further failures?
  • Reading the signs.

Through an interactive group discussion, Renee, Maria, and Patrick will endeavour to challenge your current processes and thinking in preparation for the next 12 months and beyond.

Renee Dobson

Renee Dobson is the General Manager for NCI’s QLD branch. Renee has spent time in many roles throughout NCI including moving to NCI’s Auckland branch for 18 months, heading up their service department. Throughout her tenure, Renee has helped businesses in Australia and New Zealand strive by increasing their opportunities for success through insuring their most important asset. In Renee’s current role as General Manager, not only does she bring a special set of skills in helping her clients, but she also focuses on ensuring the success of the team around her.

Maria Tisdell
Maria Tisdell

Maria commenced her tenure with NCI in 2017. From this time Maria has worked as a Client Service Manager and is currently the Manager of the Client Service in QLD. Prior to this Maria was a National Credit Manager in the Timber/Building sector. Maria works to ensure NCI clients are informed on market risks and tailors credit insurance solutions for client businesses. She works closely with her team to ensure NCI clients are provided with the highest levels of client service.

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