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‘Is This Business Safe to Deal With?’

One question a credit manager often considers, ‘Is this business safe to deal with?’ when receiving a request to trade from a new debtor.

If that credit manager is a BICB member, they can view comprehensive payment history data, ASIC, ABN, Licensing, Red Flag Information, and court action information on approximately 180,000 entities.

On average around 1,000 new debtor records are added to BICB’s database every month.

This is just one way that BICB supports its members to make more effective credit management decisions.

To learn more about our membership please view the brochure:

Wayne Clark - BICB

I grew up in a family that was involved in the Building Industry, my father owned a Structural Engineering business called Australian Fabricated Industries (AFI). For the past four decades I have worked in various management rolls including a large private school and national building industry supply businesses.

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