making building industry credit decisions without the right data?

BICB has the largest and most comprehensive building industry debtor database in Australia

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As a BICB member, you’ll have access to comprehensive, up to date, factual credit information about entities that receive supply of goods & services on credit in the building & construction industry in Australia.

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Members also have access to a large range of public record searches and a selection of advanced credit reports via the Online BICB Report Selection screen. 

other benefits

BICB conducts regular member meetings and seminars; provides members with details of Project Services tenders; and represents members’ interests to Government.

latest articles

May 2021 Newsletter - BICB

May 2021 Newsletter

We are led to believe that the ATO will not resume recovery activity through statutory demands until early 2022. Therefore, we now believe that construction industry insolvencies will remain relatively low until the end of 2021. Forecast insolvencies for 2020/2021 financial year may reach 971.

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Upcoming Insolvencies - BICB

Upcoming Insolvencies

When being interviewed by Nathan McQuade and speaking about upcoming insolvencies, it really came to light just how much an organisation like Building Industry Credit Bureau can really help businesses supplying the Building & Construction Industry to successfully navigate credit management.

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This video gives a quick overview of the Building Industry Credit Bureau and its industry leading members online system.

The online system provides accurate, easy to access credit information about building industry debtors.

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