Here’s a collection of the most frequently asked questions on the operation of the Building Industry Credit Bureau.

BICB is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation that acts as a conduit between members, enabling them to share accurate financial trading and other credit related information through a secure online database. BICB Members are suppliers and/or subcontractors to the building and construction industry in Australia.

Yes, only consolidated BICB member balances are shown and no individual member can see the individual balances of any other BICB member. Confidentiality of information provided by the Bureau or obtained from colleagues is essential, and a prerequisite to obtaining and retaining membership of the Bureau. Members understand that this information must not be disclosed to any external party.

Data is stored on a secure database. Strict security procedures are observed in relation to the storage of, and access to, members’ data, and confidentiality requirements are strictly enforced.

Only current active members of BICB have access to the data. Access is via a secure, encrypted online database system. Access Passwords are changed every month.

Subscribers/members provide BICB with their monthly debtors aged trial balances (showing commercial accounts only), which are then consolidated into the BICB database detailing trading histories of over 145,000 entities in Australia representing annual sales of around $36 billion.

BICB holds data on approximately 145,000 entities operating in the building and construction industry in every State and Territory in Australia. Each month we load trading data provided by our members on approximately 60,000+ active entities. The value of this data is around $3.0b per month.

Wayne Clark - BICB
Wayne Clark, Executive Director BICB

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