Recent Testimonials from Industry Professionals

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BICB has recently received glowing testimonials from two credit industry professionals in their roles as Credit Managers for nationally known building industry suppliers.

If, after reading these testimonials, you would like more information about how BICB can improve your effectiveness as a credit manager and benefit your company by reducing exposure to risk and bad debts, please call: 1800 931 221.

Bradnam’s Windows & Doors have been members of the BICB for over 30 years.  I can’t state highly enough the value that the BICB has provided over these years.  Together with a robust credit policy, the data and services available have enabled us to minimise bad debts and avoid unnecessary risk.  I simply could not be as effective as a Credit Manger without access to this information.  I strongly encourage other Credit Managers to investigate the benefits of becoming BICB members.

Natalie Denschel
Group Credit Manager
Bradnam’s Windows & Doors

Boral and my team in Credit have been working with BICB for many years as business partners. BICB provides critical data, analysis and insights which greatly assists Boral mitigate risk, make informed credit decisions and help reduce write offs and bad debts. The people at BICB are extremely helpful, warm and always acting in the best interests for Boral and our customers. We appreciate the partnership in place that continues to drive overall excellence and efficiencies.

Adam Clarke
National Credit Manager
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