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What is the Insolvency Risk Factor?

Our JV partner Alares continues to develop new features based on member feedback. They are excited to introduce their latest feature, the Insolvency Risk Factor (IRF).

What is the Insolvency Risk Factor?

  • The IRF is the culmination of a major data analytics programme where we analysed our court data against 10,000’s recent corporate insolvencies to identify the court actions most likely to lead to future insolvencies.
  • The IRF provides a simple statistical measure of the potential impact of a company’s court actions. For example, a company with an IRF of 10 is statistically 10x more likely to become insolvent during the next 12months than a company with no court actions.

How to use the Insolvency Risk Factor?

  • For our upfront reports, the IRF provides a simple way to interpret and assess the potential impact of court actions identified in our reports.
  • For our ongoing monitoring, the IRF can be set as a threshold for filtering alerts e.g. filters can be configured to only trigger alerts if the IRF is above a user defined threshold.

If you would like to find out more and have the IRF enabled in your account, please get in touch with Patrick on 0418 739 921 and he will be happy to discuss how the IRF might best work for you.

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