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Upcoming Insolvencies

Recently, Nathan McQuade of National Credit Insurance (Brokers) Pty Ltd interviewed our Executive Director, Wayne Clark. This is his reply to one of the questions posed by Nathan:

“We’re talking to members all the time and we’re asking them to be diligent and proactive when chasing debts. It’s important they know their customers; businesses are changing all the time so information can become old very quickly.
Sometimes, the best source of information is from those on the ground, if they’re hearing stories or are seeing extended delays, then that’s a sign that something isn’t right.
Also, access to up to date debtor payment and other information provided by organisations like BICB will be vital.”

When being interviewed by Nathan McQuade and speaking about upcoming insolvencies, it really came to light just how much an organisation like Building Industry Credit Bureau can really help businesses supplying the Building & Construction Industry to successfully navigate credit management.
Read the full interview here.

Wayne Clark - BICB

I grew up in a family that was involved in the Building Industry, my father owned a Structural Engineering business called Australian Fabricated Industries (AFI). For the past four decades I have worked in various management rolls including a large private school and national building industry supply businesses.

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