Stress in the building industry

Increasing Costs and Delays

At our recent seminar, it came to light about the stress the Building Industry is currently experiencing. The blowouts in costs and completion dates are significantly impacting new builds for the builder and homeowner.

Some key factors:

  • Residential Building Labour and Material Shortages (QBCC Warning to Consumers)
  • The Queensland residential construction industry is currently impacted by Australia-wide shortage of building materials and skilled trades.
  • These shortages are due to market forces amplified by the COVID 19 pandemic, and they are impacting everyone in the supply chain, from suppliers and builders to subcontractors, employees, and consumers. It is expected to take some time for the industry to be restored to its usual supply and operating rhythm.
  • The QBBC is working together with the Queensland Government and industry associations such as Master Builders Queensland and the Housing Industry Association to help everyone understand the challenges these shortages pose.

If you would like information on how Building Industry Credit Bureau can provide credit management solutions during this volatile period, please call 1800 931 221

Wayne Clark - BICB

I grew up in a family that was involved in the Building Industry, my father owned a Structural Engineering business called Australian Fabricated Industries (AFI). For the past four decades I have worked in various management rolls including a large private school and national building industry supply businesses.

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