BICB Recorded Liquidator Appointments, December 2018

We recorded 61 liquidator appointments in December 2018 and 35 appointments in January 2019. The appointments in December were the highest ever recorded by BICB.

Company (In Liquidation) Appointed Region
Zion Industries Pty Ltd 23/11/2018 QLD
Allec Electrical Services Pty Ltd 23/11/2018 QLD
KNG Scaffold Pty Ltd 30/11/2018 SA
Platinum Homes & Additions Pty Ltd 30/11/2018 SA
Commercial Brick & Blocklayers (Aus) Pty Ltd 30/11/2018 VIC
Strezelecki Constructions Pty Ltd 30/11/2018 VIC
Stone Emporium Pty Ltd 04/12/2018 NSW
True Line Ceilings & Carpentry 04/12/2018 VIC
CG Welding & Engineering Pty Ltd 04/12/2018 WA
Pivotal Building Services Pty Ltd 03/12/2018 QLD
Chuditch (WA) Pty Ltd 04/12/2018 WA
Expo Constructions Pty Ltd 05/12/2018 VIC
HLM Developments Pty Ltd 05/12/2018 VIC
Stamdt & Co Contracting Pty Ltd 06/12/2018 QLD
BGC Projects Pty Ltd 05/12/2018 QLD
Architectural Project Specialists Pty Ltd 06/12/2018 NSW
M & J Plaster Construction Pty Ltd 06/12/2018 VIC
Saafin Constructions Pty Ltd 06/12/2018 VIC
OAS Group (SA) Pty Ltd 07/12/2018 SA
RMG Roofing Pty Ltd 07/12/2018 QLD
Langlands Building Group Pty Ltd 10/12/2018 NSW
RDRM Domestic Pty Ltd 07/12/2018 VIC
SNS Power Solutions Pty Ltd 10/12/2018 QLD
Form Doctors Pty Ltd 07/12/2018 WA
Rokez Constructions Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 VIC
Devine Living Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 NSW
PFP Systems Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 QLD
LB Homes Group Pty Ltd 12/12/2018 NSW
Arise Construction Pty Ltd 11/12/2018 NSW
CMD Civil Pty Ltd 11/12/2018 VIC
Mav Group Commercial Pty Ltd 13/12/2018 VIC
Martin Building Services Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 NSW
Dreambuilt Homes Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 QLD
AMS Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 NSW
Arafura Fabrications Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 NT
WA Ceilings and Fitout Pty Ltd 14/12/2018 WA
BGC Air Conditioning Pty Ltd 17/12/2018 QLD
All Aspects Roofing and Gutters Pty Ltd 18/12/2018 NSW
Evans Harch Pty Ltd 18/12/2018 QLD
ART Builders Pty Ltd 12/12/2018 VIC
BPGC Pty Ltd 12/12/2018 QLD
PMB Enterprises Pty Ltd 11/12/2018 QLD
3LP Construction Pty Ltd 17/12/2018 QLD
Star Plus Group (SA) Pty Ltd 10/12/2018 SA
Powers and Sartori Electrocom Pty Ltd 10/12/2018 VIC
Design Landscapes Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 NSW
S J Taebring Builders Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 VIC
Chilli Promotions Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 VIC
Prestige Bay Group Pty Ltd 18/12/2018 VIC
KLM Group (SA) Pty Ltd 17/12/2018 VIC
AN Mine Maintenance Pty Ltd 18/12/2018 WA
Gardencity Australia Pty Ltd 17/12/2018 VIC
Australian Sunshine Building Group Pty Ltd 20/12/2018 QLD
UXC Infrastructure Construction Pty Ltd 20/12/2018 VIC
Jasey Constructions Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 QLD
Viking Contractors Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 WA
Build All Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 WA
Platinum Glass (NSW) Pty Ltd 21/12/2018 NSW
GR Homes Pty Ltd 21/12/2018 NSW
BRC Piling & Foundations Pty Ltd 24/12/2018 VIC
Fine Point Building Group Pty Ltd 24/12/2018 NSW
BIGJ Investments Pty Ltd 03/01/2019 VIC
Ideal Solutions Construction and Civil Pty Ltd 03/01/2019 NSW
Brobrik Pty Ltd 07/01/2019 NSW
Electrite Pty Ltd – ACN 600 688 999 Pty Ltd 09/01/2019 QLD
Big Azz Building Projects Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 NSW
Service Tech Australia Pty Ltd 10/01/2019 VIC
Amtas Holdings Pty Ltd t/a CAN 081 384 803 Pty Ltd 27/12/2018 NSW
Boss Form Reo Pour Pty Ltd 14/01/2019 NSW
Omega Projects Australia Pty Ltd 16/01/2019 NSW
Affordable Constructions (NSW) Pty Ltd 16/01/2019 NSW
JBP Holdings Pty Ltd 16/01/2019 NSW
Blue Frog Services Pty Ltd 15/01/2019 QLD
Brosna Construction Pty Ltd 16/01/2019 WA
Inception Construction Group Pty Ltd 17/01/2019 VIC
Modern Melbourne Pty Ltd 17/01/2019 VIC
Dooweoz Pty Ltd 16/01/2019 NSW
Benchmark Commercial Contractors Pty Ltd 18/01/2019 NSW
Aztec Roofing Group Pty Ltd 21/01/2019 NSW
Lusso Concepts Pty Ltd 21/01/2019 QLD
Barbaro Exclusive Constructions Pty Ltd 21/01/2019 WA
EFX Electrical Pty Ltd 22/01/2019 WA
Prosec Group (QLD) Pty Ltd 23/01/2019 QLD
TP Enterprises Aotearoa Pty Ltd – GJ Gardner Ipswich 23/01/2019 QLD
Charlton Excavation & Demolition Pty Ltd 23/01/2019 NSW
Above All Labour & Scaffolding Services Pty Ltd 23/01/2019 NSW
The Definitive Decorating Company Pty Ltd 23/01/2019 NT
G & J West Roof Plumbing Pty Ltd 23/01/2019 QLD
Wilson & Co Plumbing Pty Ltd 25/01/2019 QLD
NT Supply Solutions Pty Ltd 25/01/2019 NT
Pro-Plus Construction Pty Ltd 21/01/2019 NSW
Protec Property Group Pty Ltd 23/01/2019 VIC
ACG Building Pty Ltd 29/01/2019 NSW
New View Home Pty Ltd 29/01/2019 VIC
Eire Scaffolding Pty Ltd 25/01/2019 WA
Queensland Custom Homes Pty Ltd 31/01/2019 QLD

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