BICB Recorded Administrator Appointments

Since last reported, (in last month’s newsletter), we have recorded 12 Administrator appointments, 9 in December and 3 in January 2019.

Company (Voluntary Administration) Appointed Region
Woodhill & Sons Pty Ltd 03/12/2018 NT
Niveau Pty Ltd 03/12/2018 WA
Calatafirmi Enterprises Pty Ltd 03/12/2018 QLD
Unity Group of Companies (2009) Pty Ltd 13/12/2018 SA
Multidwell Group Pty Ltd 18/12/2018 NSW
Smart Duct Pty Ltd 22/11/2018 NSW
Sidway Constructions Pty Ltd 17/12/2018 NSW
UBIQ Pty Ltd 21/12/2018 NSW
Custom Clad Pty Ltd 19/12/2018 VIC
AMPE Sarl South Pacific Pty Ltd 17/01/2019 QLD
Steelvision Pty Ltd 04/01/2019 VIC
Berkeley Constructions Pty Ltd 23/01/2019 NSW

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