Credit Management Solutions for Suppliers to Building & Construction Industry

BICB is all about credit management solutions for suppliers to the Building & Construction Industry.

One important solution is providing an alert to members that a debtor is taking 60 days or more to pay their bills. This can be a precursor for that business heading to failure.

This information is gathered from $2.6 – $3b + monthly national trading data from members.

Getting notification way ahead of this event can possibly save your business significant amounts of money.

With changing circumstances in the Building and Construction Industry, now is the time to get access to the best credit management solutions.

How do you access these credit management solutions? Through paid subscription. Simple as that.
Currently, we are offering 6 months free subscription to new members.

Time to pick up the phone and become a member. Ph: 1800 931 221

Wayne Clark - BICB

I grew up in a family that was involved in the Building Industry, my father owned a Structural Engineering business called Australian Fabricated Industries (AFI). For the past four decades I have worked in various management rolls including a large private school and national building industry supply businesses.

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