BICB Partners with Alares to Provide Access to Party Searches and Monitoring for most Australian Courts

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Court action is a leading indicator of financial stress and future default. Alares Party Search provides real-time information on court actions across Australia. Alares Watchlist provides instant alerts for any court actions that occur involving businesses you are monitoring. From mid-May 2019 BICB members will have access to the Alares Party Search and Monitoring platform through BICB’s members online system.

These searches are available through the Court Reporting (Alares) tabs on the Dashboard and Details Screen.

Party Search
• Alares provides real-time impactful information on court actions across Australia to augment and solidify existing upfront processes.
• Currently covers the Federal Court and Courts in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and WA

Ongoing Court Action Monitoring
• Approximately 25% of corporate insolvencies involve court action. Early alerts for these court actions are critical to the ongoing risk management process.
• Alares provides instant alerts for any court actions that occur during the creditor-debtor relationship to mitigate financial loss.

NOTE: Contact BICB for pricing details

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