Database Reporting

Members access the database information via a secure website which gives members 24 hour access to:
  • Detailed payment history reports
  • Debtor ageing analysis reports
  • Comprehensive debtor notes
  • Corporate and licensing information
  • Red flag alerts
  • Trade reference information
  • Member specific KPI reports
  • Member specific risk analysis exception reports
  • Other reports
  • Other online services

Contractor Licence Reports

BICB records on its database the QBCC and other licence details for many debtors, and will carry out a full licence status check on behalf of any member.

Member Meetings

Monthly meetings of BICB members are held in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville and Sydney – these meetings are a forum for members to exchange current, factual information in respect of their debtors.


BICB conducts a number of half-day seminars and tool-box sessions each year to help members ensure that their credit and sales staff are kept up-to-date with changes to those laws which affect them, and generally kept abreast of techniques to help them do their jobs properly.

Government Tenders

Each month BICB provides members with details of tenders accepted, for those State Government jobs administered by Project Services.

Creditors Meetings

The Executive Director is available to represent members’ interests at relevant creditors’ meetings, and at times will extend that representation to membership of Committees of Creditors/ Inspection. Representation is via a duly appointed Proxy(s).

Industry Improvement

Over the years BICB has taken a leading role in participating in the various building industry enquiries which Governments have held, as well as being proactive in making submissions both to Government and to other bodies where there is an interest or benefit to members.
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