Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The current and future purpose of BICB is to provide timely and accurate information to those suppliers and / or subcontractors who are financial members, to assist them to manage their credit exposure with their customers and thus minimize their bad debts.
In addition, it seeks to provide ancillary support to members by way of searches, representation (public and private), and to provide education programs for the staff of members.

The Bureau enforces strict confidentiality rules, BICB information must not be disclosed to any external party.

Confidentiality of information provided by the Bureau or obtained from colleagues is essential, and a prerequisite to retaining membership of the Bureau.  Information so obtained ought not to be used for any purpose other than that for which it is provided – generally for establishing the credibility of existing or prospective customers.

It is not intended for use as a marketing tool to the detriment of other members.

Improper use of information supplied would be contrary to the rules of the company of which you are a member and any breaches will be dealt with accordingly by the Board of Directors, who may take disciplinary action, including expulsion, where warranted.