Our Business

BICB prepares a payment history database from the full aged Debtors Trial Balance provided by Members each month.

Every member must provide their Aged Debtors Trial Balance every month.

The database contains :
(a) an aged payment history, being :

  • the consolidated total amount owed by any debtor to BICB members as at the end of any given (current) month, plus the consolidated total amount as at each of the previous 11 months end,
    together with
  • the consolidated total amount owed at each conventional age period within each of those 12 months, and
  • the BICB member code of every member contributing to every consolidated value in the 12-month matrix, and
    In respect of some 100,000+ commercial customers in the building industry throughout Australia, with an annual value of $24b.

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(b) a comment file for every debtor on the database, containing :

  • Factual anecdotal information which has been obtained from any legitimate source (Public Notices, public record, members) and which it is believed will help members determine whether or not they provide, or continue providing, a credit account facility.
  • A record of other members who have viewed the particular file (a footprint record)

The cornerstone of our business is the requirement for the absolute confidentiality of any / all information provided by BICB to its members – information is supplied to members for their sole use, to enable them to manage their debtors.